Teaching the Japanese Tea Ceremony

EN Japanese Tea Culture is a private academy where we teach primarily the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony along with additional aspects of Japanese Culture such as Japanese Language, Kimono Dressing of which the curriculum is certified by Hakubi Kyoto Kimono Institute in Japan. EN Japanese Tea Culture is located at 11 Mohamed Sultan Road, Unit 03-01 where we have built a modern, open and raised Japanese Tea Platform to learn in the best conditions possible.

Here you can learn the basics about the Japanese Tea Ceremony or SADO. The Japanese Tea ceremony takes about 4 hours and you have a small meal (Kaiseki) during the ceremony.

Wether you wish to learn the different ways and how the Kimono is worn or if you just wish to experience what it is like to step back in time and wear a traditional Japanese Kimono for an hour, we are here to help.

other accessory is “OBI-DOME” see the photo below. Price are S$25~$35/piece

Whether you are looking to advance your understanding and comprehension of the Japanese Tea Ceremony at a beginners, intermediate or advanced level, the En Japanese Tea Culture school can offer you the lessons at the level you require to perfect your knowledge and understanding.