About Us


Yasuko Norris who created the EN Japanese Tea Culture Academy in Singapore, was born in 1967 at Izumo, Shimane Prefecture. This is a very well known place in Japan, famous for the Taisha Shrine dedicated to “EN” (Serendipity)

Yasuko who is passionate about the Japanese Tea Ceremony wanted to set up a private academy with the necessary infrastructure to teach under the best possible conditions for her students. She located the academy centrally in a part of Singapore with very easy access and regularly frequented by the Japanese Community in Singapore.

En Japanese Tea Culture is located at 11 Mohammed Sultan Road nearby two MRT stations and not far from UE Square. The academy is located on the third floor and includes a modern raised platform of Eight Tatami, with a small classroom adjacent for open lessons or in smaller groups.

EN Japanese Tea Culture is a academy for beginners, intermediate and advanced students where lessons can be organised to suit your level and timetable. Lessons can be given in the morning, afternoon or early evening.

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