Kimono Lessons

As well as the Japanese Tea Ceremony, we also teach students how to wear the traditional Japanese Kimono.

Wether you wish to learn the different ways and how the Kimono is worn or if you just wish to experience what it is like to step back in time and wear a traditional Japanese Kimono for an hour, we are here to help.

Kimono wearing class for beginners

Wednesday & Thursday 2pm – 4pm
SGD 60 / 1 time( 2hours)

Contents of Kimono Lesson

  • 1. Learn how to adjust your shape into Kimono shape
  • 2. How to wear undergarment “Nagajyuban”
  • 3. How to wear Kimono
  • 4. How to wear Obi (Nagpya-Obi and Fukuro-Obi)


• How to dress somebody up in Kimono
• Yukata wearing
• Arranging Nagoya-Obi
• Arranging Fukuro-obi