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Learn how to wear kimono through an internationally recognised curriculum from the Hakubi Kyoto Kimono Institute, Japan.

By taking our lessons, you will be able to qualify for a certificate, issued by the Kyoto Kimono Art Culture Association.

All our teachers are certified by the Hakubi Kyoto Kimono Institute.

Announcement: Apr 2022 Kimono Class Schedule

Please indicate your interest by 20 Apr 2022 for the following times:

  • Starting on 27 Apr (Wed): 1:30-3:30pm

  • Starting on 28 Apr (Thu): 10:00-12:00pm

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, there will be a cap of 5 students per class. 
Thank you in advance for your understanding.  


Lessons & Pricing

Kimono dressing includes

learning the techniques of how to wear the garment and accessories, and knowledge encompassing the different types worn for various occasions and venues.   


Join our classes to learn the basics about kimono wearing. 

Lesson Schedule:


10am to12pm; OR 1:30pm to 3:30pm

  • Wednesdays 

  • Thursdays 

  • Fridays


Covid-19 Updates: We are closely monitoring the government mandates and restrictions regarding group sizes. 

We seek your understanding if we are unable to accommodate requests.

Introductory Course A

Basic yukata and kimono wearing

  • Bring your own white socks

  • Yukata, hanhaba obi, kimono, and nagoya obi will be provided

SGD240 for 4 Classes 

Introductory Course B

Intermediate kimono wearing

  • Bring your own white socks

  • Kimono, nagoya obi, and fukuro obi will be provided

SGD240 for 4 Classes

Certification Course for Level 5

Level 5 certification course with certificate issued by Kyoto Kimono Art Culture Association

Advanced kimono wearing

  • Wearing formal kimono, and dressing another person in formal wear and furisode

There will be a written test on kimono knowledge (can be taken in either English or Japanese), and a practical test for which you will be required to purchase your own kimono, and accessories (refer to Retail).

SGD770 for 10 Classes (excludes kimono, accessories, and textbook costs)


(Upon passing, there will be separate administration fees involved which are subject to change, based on prevailing exchange rates and guidance from Japan.)

Contact us to schedule a class.  Classes are arranged based on demand. 

We seek your understanding if you may need to wait for an opening.


Replacement classes can be arranged on a case-to-case basis. 

However, due to scheduling, a different teacher may be assigned.  

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