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​Kimono wearing accessories
Such as innerwear, tabi, datejimeobi-ita, etc.

These accessories should be purchased if you are taking our kimono classes. 

Depending on the item, prices will vary; we will advise you accordingly. 

Hakubi textbooks.jpg
Hakubi Kyoto Kimono School textbooks

Japanese language only. 

These textbooks are required if you are taking our certification course.

Yukata set

Each brand-new set includes yukata and obiGeta (the footwear) is sold separately.

Obidome for sale2.jpeg

These one-of-a-kind kimono obi accessories are created by Thai artisans.  

Orange Tsumugi Hitoe - details.jpg
Vintage kimono and obi

Enjoy kimono fashion at home, and anywhere else. 

Prices will vary depending on the condition of each item.

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