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Tea Classes

"Tea is an elixir that nourishes one's life, and offers a sublime path ensuring longevity."

~ Eisai Zenji (1141-1215)


A Brief History of
Tea in Japan

In 1191, Eisai brought back tea and tea utensils from China to Japan.  

In his treatise, Kissa Yōjō Ki [Preservation of Health through Drinking Tea], Eisai further wrote that tea's medicinal benefits were effective against illnesses.  


In 1214, the shōgun, Minamoto Sanetomo, had a very bad hangover, so Eisai sent him powdered tea.  After drinking tea regularly, the shōgun's health improved, and tea drinking became fashionable.  


During this earlier period, tea culture was limited to the warrior class elite.  Eventually, from the 15th century, tea culture evolved through the efforts of

Murata Shukō, Takeno Jōō, and Sen Rikyu. 


Lessons & Pricing

Sadō, "The Way of Tea",

encompasses the other disciplines such as textile appreciation, flower arrangement, calligraphy, painting, poetry, cuisine, and more. 


Join our classes to learn the basics about the Japanese tea ceremony. 

For one 90-minute lesson:

  • Students:
    SGD40-60 per lesson

  • Adults:
    SGD60 per lesson 

Lesson Schedule:

  • Mondays
    10am to 12pm

  • Tuesdays
    10am to12pm;
    OR 1pm to 3pm 

  • Saturdays
    10am to 12pm

chado demo.jpg

EN reserves the right to revise and update its fees at any time.  

Covid-19 Updates: We are closely monitoring the government mandates and restrictions regarding group sizes. 

We seek your understanding if we are unable to accommodate requests.

Announcement: 2022 Tea Class Schedule

We will be opening classes starting at 1:30pm on the following days:

  • January: 15, 29 (Saturdays)

  • February: 5, 19 (Wednesdays)

  • March: 5 (Saturdays)

Please note that 

  • There is a one month break in-between the summer and winter seasons.  

  • There are no charges during this break, and no seasonal greeting fee.

Lessons include

  • Guest etiquette when attending a tea ceremony

  • How to eat a kaiseki meal served at the tea ceremony

  • Hosting a tea event 

  • Making usucha ("thin tea"), and koicha ("thick tea")

  • Understanding how seasons influence tea culture


New course: 5-Lesson Introductory Course

  • Lesson 1: Basics - folding the fukusa; entering the tearoom; observing and drinking tea (90 mins)

  • Lesson 2: Review the Basics; learn how to make tea (90-120 mins)

  • Lessons 3 and 4: Same as Lesson 2

  • Lesson 5: Preparation: tea utensils and sweets; making tea

Please bring your own socks (white is preferred).

Class will proceed with a minimum of 3 participants.

SGD250/person (Under 12 years old) | SGD300/person

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